Pro Shop


Archery Pro Shop

Screaming Eagle Archery was established in 2010 with the mission of providing high quality archery products and excellent services.

We carry the best brands of compound bows, crossbows, arrows, and accessories from brands such as Mathews, Hoyt, Prime, Mission And Bowtech. Our experienced staff is here to help you with all your questions and concerns. 

We’ll help assemble the right bow package for you. It can be confusing with so many options, but our experienced staff is here to help you with your questions and to make sure that the bow you purchase will match your physical size, ability and archery needs.

All of our staff are competitive archers and bowhunters, and they understand the importance of properly tuned equipment.

Come in and let us take care of your archery needs!

You deserve the best! Screaming Eagle carries all of the top of the line archery products.  If we don’t have it, we can get it! We offer an extended, “no charge service policy” with every bow we sell including: No set-up charges No installation charge for accessories No charge for changing draw length, changing modules or cams, tying in peeps or to chronograph your bow.


You want it? We’ve got it! Screaming Eagle Archery of Alaska is proud to be an authorized dealer of the best equipment available for the archery enthusiast!

Shop Services

Screaming Eagle Archery is a custom arrow shop. We keep bare shafts in stock from top manufacturers such as Easton, GoldTip and Carbon Express. Our shop has everything you need to get your bow shooting properly. If you need a tuning, maintenance, or just want to upgrade we can handle it.

Although Screaming Eagle Archery’s Pro Shop is geared around the bowhunting industry, we have an active following of target archers. Our qualified technicians are trained to fit everyone’s needs.

Bring your bow into our full service center for a tune-up, timing issues, string/cable replacement or get that new accessory installed. Whatever your archery or bowhunting needs, you can count on Screaming Eagle Archery for quality and dependable service.

We service all types of archery styles and equipment:

  • Repair Work on all Bows & Crossbows–Compounds, Olympic Recurves (FITA), and Traditional
  • All Fitting & Adjustments
  • Complete Bow Set-Ups
  • Custom Arrow Fletching and Refletching
  • Warranty service on all brands carried

We work on all bows, whether you bought it from us or not.

Archery Services and Repairs

In addition to selling a full complement of archery supplies, we also perform service and repairs including: 

  • Paper Tuning
  • Equipment installation
  • Install New string and cables
  • Install D-Loop
  • Install peep tubing
  • Install peep sight
  • Install and tune arrow rest
  • Check and adjust draw weight
  • Cut arrows
  • Chronograph test
  • Re-serve main serving
  • Check and adjust draw length
  • Install nock sets
  • Sight tape
  • Refletch arrows
  • Total bow tune-up
  • Remove cam lean
  • Adjust timing